Issue 10 and Volume 154.

BY RICHARD E. ANDERSEN The 24-foot, two-section extension ladder is perhaps the one most used by fire departments today. It is small and light enough so that one or two firefighters can easily carry it. It can be stored on essentially all pumpers and provides sufficient reach for many private dwellings, multiple residences, and a significant number of commercial occupancies. The 24-foot extension ladder, along with the 14-foot roof ladder and the 10-foot folding attic ladder, make up the typical and most prevalent complement of ground ladders found on pumpers today. The versatility of the 24-foot ladder is partly attributed to its specifications. Made from wood, fiberglass, or aluminum, it weighs between 75 and 100 pounds. Its size and weight allow a single firefighter to handle it, freeing a second firefighter to carry the needed tools. The ladder suits our needs with respect to maintenance, safety, and usefulness on the…

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