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Quick-attack vehicles: industry response tool

Issue 11 and Volume 154.

Industrial response teams use this adapted truck to rapidly flow high volumes of water with minimal personnel. BY RICK HAASE How can you rapidly deploy one or two 1,000-gpm monitors or a 2,000-gpm monitor with a minimal crew? How can you maneuver a vehicle into a tight location and still have the capabilities of delivering high volumes of water? What type of vehicle can you use for high-volume water application as well as for emergency medical service response, rescue response, and other support or administrative duties? The answer: Consider a multipurpose response vehicle, a quick-attack vehicle, for your department. A QUICK-ATTACK VEHICLE (1) The waterway system for the quick-attack vehicle. Note the large-bore, flanged piping, which can be adapted to appropriate fire service fittings. (Photos by author.) Click here to enlarge image Industrial complexes have been using the quick-attack vehicle for years. In its simplest form, it is a pickup…

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