Firefighter Training


Issue 12 and Volume 154.

Click here to enlarge image Akron® introduces the SABERJET™ MULTIPURPOSE NOZZLE, which provides solid bore tip and fog pattern abilities at the same time or independently. Capable of operating efficiently at pressures between 50 psi and 100 psi for maximum flows. Suitable for interior, exterior, and high-rise attacks; CAFS systems; foam applications; direct and indirect attacks; cooling; protection; and ventilation. Available in 11/2- or 21/2-inch full-time swivel inlets with solid bore tip options of 3/4-, 7/8-, 15/16-, or one-inch. Flows 95-gpm fog at 50 psi. (800) 228-1161. Circle No. 9 on Reader Service Card Click here to enlarge image The SR65I RADIO ACCESSORY from Con-Space Communications is approved and intrinsically safe. It’s designed for users who face difficulty communicating while in high-noise environments or while wearing a haz-mat suit, face mask, or any kind of breathing apparatus. It’s waterproof, is equipped with large PTT switch that interfaces with most current…

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