Preplanning Building Hazards

Issue 12 and Volume 154.

BY FRANCIS L. BRANNIGAN, SFPE (FELLOW) Editor’s note: For further reference, consult Building Construction for the Fire Service, Third Edition (BCFS3). Page numbers are included after each caption (when applicable) for your convenience. Click here to enlarge image Firefighters might use this cantilevered supermarket canopy for access to a fire on the roof. Click here to enlarge image College and other multibuilding facilities often have utility or pedestrian tunnels that connect buildings. The old Wanamaker’s department store in New York City was being demolished. A fire started in the three-story-high pile of scrap flooring in the basement. It took massed 21/2-inch lines “shoulder-to-shoulder” in the tunnel that connected the old building to the new building to prevent fire extension. Click here to enlarge image The cantilevered beams extend through the wall; the load is transferred upward to the roof trusses by compression members. A fire-caused failure of the trusses would…

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