Truck Company


Issue 2 and Volume 155.

BY LANCE C. PEEPLES As the criminal element in our society becomes more mobile, law-abiding citizens in suburban and even rural areas are finding it necessary to use increasingly sophisticated methods of protection for their property. Jurisdictions in which forcible entry once consisted of kicking in a flimsy front door now find buildings secured with a myriad of locking devices ranging from drop-in bars to slide bolts to the ubiquitous padlock. Firefighters responding to buildings secured by padlocks must be familiar with the techniques used to defeat these difficult security devices if they are to accomplish their mission of protecting life and property. The first problem facing the forcible entry team members is determining whether they are dealing with a standard or a high-security padlock. Standard padlocks have a bow or shackle less than 1/4 inch in diameter that is not constructed of case-hardened steel. The keyway is not guarded,…

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