Got another K-I-S-S for me?

Issue 2 and Volume 155.

BY TOM BRENNAN THE FIRST-ARRIVING FIREFIGHTERS MUST LEARN HOW TO COMMUNICATE AT A STRUCTURE FIRE IN A CALM AND INFORMATIVE MANNER. Well, another month has gone by. I hope you are all taking the days one at a time instead of “gulps” like air at a newly broken window. We were speaking of a few things that you should keep in your gun belt of tactics that will help your routine firefighting efforts without the pain and loss of time that thinking a new thought takes. We call this Keeping It Simple Stupid (K-I-S-S). “Do I break this window or not?” How many of you faced that dilemma? The simple and quickly decided answer comes from where you are and what you are doing. If you are outside the building and merely causing an opening to the inside, you’d better get more information. Now the “Theory of Horizontal Ventilation” from…

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