Company/Association News

Issue 2 and Volume 155.

· PIERCE MANUFACTURING, INC. received a $3.9 million contract for 55 firefighting vehicles for the United States Forest Service in California. Many of the vehicles are expected to be delivered by July 2002, in time for the dry season · In the coming year, the HOME FIRE SPRINKLER COALITION (HFSC) announced it will select additional target states and provinces in its efforts to increase awareness of residential fire sprinklers in the United States and Canada. The states or provinces selected will receive free training, educational and public relations materials, and technical support to plan, evaluate, and manage implementation of the HFSC’s “Protect What You Value Most” public awareness program. The selection of states or provinces will be based on their ability to establish organized coalitions with fire service organization members, builders, architects, and city planners. Each coalition must select one person to serve as a state/province contact to facilitate meetings…

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