Firefighting, Leadership


Issue 2 and Volume 155.

This month’s Roundtable CEN- ters around procedures-specifically safety procedures! To paraphrase Chief Alan Brunacini of the Phoenix (AZ) Fire Department, if a procedure is not being followed, it should be eliminated, amended so that it can be enforced, or simply enforced. As we all know, there are procedures and then there are procedures. There should be no wiggle room when it relates to safety procedures. Safety procedures should be enforced. Every August we sit and analyze our firefighter injury statistics from the previous year. We administrators must ensure that the procedures we draft and put out to the “troops” are enforced. As far as my sticking my neck out along with my fellow panel members in addressing this topic, I had to think a while-first, because I have been removed from Operations for a few months and second, because Toledo has had a long dry spell in the bigger fires…

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