Deputy Chief Ray Downey and Lieutenant Andy Fredericks … As We Remember Them

Issue 3 and Volume 155.

Lieutenant Andy Fredericks Click here to enlarge image You may be wondering why we’re publishing this tribute almost six months after 9-11. Mostly, it’s because this was and is so hard for us to write-we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it until now. It’s still raw. We’re still numb.Ray and Andy-two of our very close advisors-were very important to us professionally. They spent a lot of time with the Fire Engineering staff, advising, reviewing article submissions, writing articles and scripts, shooting and editing videos, attending and instructing at conferences, and so on. They both were remarkably talented and knowledgeable firefighters-geniuses, actually: Ray, the cool-headed, seasoned commander with 30 years on the job and an awesome, hard-earned national profile; Andy, the intense and firematically passionate younger man who had recently gained national prominence for his brilliant work in fire attack methodologies and who was headed up the FDNY ladder of…

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