Firefighter Training


Issue 3 and Volume 155.

BY STEVE SIEREVELD It is not enough for today’s firefighterS to be well trained at fighting fires. They are also EMTs and paramedics and rescue, bomb, and haz-mat technicians. On top of these ever increasing tasks, they must also deal with issues surrounding customer service, diversity, workplace violence, and sexual harassment. As these issues grow, so does the demand on a department’s training staff. The Cincinnati (OH) Fire Division was faced with an escalating burden on its training staff; there weren’t enough instructors or hours in the day to keep up with the demand. It took nearly four months to run the entire 800-member department through a single eight-hour class. The training staff had to choose between falling behind and finding an alternative solution. We found a two-pronged solution: in-service training and our department’s television studio and computer network. Properly uniting face-to-face and distance learning was the only answer. In…

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