Issue 3 and Volume 155.

DO YOUR JOB AS A RECRUIT TRAINING OFFICER, PRODUCE THE BEST FIREFIGHTERS POSSIBLE, AND HAVE THE COURAGE TO NOT LET RECRUITS WHO WON’T BE GOOD FIREFIGHTERS GRADUATE. BY KATHERINE T. RIDENHOUR The recruit academy is about to begin. All the logistical needs appear to be in order. But, is everything really in order? What if a recruit is not meeting standards and has to be terminated? What if the termination leads to a lawsuit? Would you and your academy staff be protected? What about your department? It is in everyone’s best interest, of course, to have every recruit emerge from the academy successful, competent, and fireground ready. The premise of this article is that this is your department’s primary objective and the procedures outlined here will help to ensure that competent firefighters graduate from your recruit academy. However, they will also help you to terminate a recruit fairly when termination…

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