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*Grant Application Period Extended to April 5*

Due to the popularity of FEMA’s 2002 Assistance to Firefighters grant program, the volume of electronic traffic to the site has caused some access problems. A number of applicants, as a result, have had difficulty completing their on-line forms. We anticipate that steps we are now taking to improve the system will allow everyone to finish their form on time; however, FEMA and USFA are extending the application deadline as an added precaution.

Therefore, those who have begun their application but have not yet completed it will have additional time beyond the original deadline. Those applications can continue to be worked on until the new deadline for final submission of April 5th (at 5:00pm EST).

PLEASE NOTE: No new applications can be started after 5:00 PM EST, April 1st. In addition, assistance from our toll-free hotline (866-274-0960) will continue to be available from 8:00am-10:00pm (EST) through April 5th.