Issue 4 and Volume 155.

BY CHRISTOPHER GARNIEWICZ It is 0800 hours. Captain Malarick begins to check out the SCBA while Lieutenant Lucas inspects the medical kit. Once the morning duties are completed and their turnout gear is placed in a ready position, they start to settle into their morning routine. This may sound like an ordinary day at the station, but these officers are still high school students. An increase of population and commercialism in rural communities has made it hard for combination and volunteer fire departments to maintain adequate staffing during the normal business day. Some communities can’t offer a competitive enough wage to entice outside applicants to apply to their departments; others are faced with budget restrictions that limit their ability to train new personnel. In South Carolina, the Beaufort and Jasper County Fire Chiefs Association joined forces with the Academy for Career Excellence (ACE), a local vocational high school, to overcome…

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