Truck Company


Issue 4 and Volume 155.

BY TOM MURRAY Truck companies and truck operations bring to the structural fire attack the critical tasks that must be performed if a fire department hopes to successfully save lives and protect property. Protecting life is always the number one mission at the fire scene. Truck companies accomplish this task in a myriad of ways, with primary search usually at the top of the list. The three priority areas for primary search are the fire floor, the floor above the fire, and the top floor. These are the most precarious positions for human beings. Intermediary floors will be polluted and need to be searched; however, they are not as dangerous as the priority floors. ESSENTIAL TRUCK OPERATIONS IN ADDITION TO SEARCH In addition to primary search, the following four major truck operations are essential: Laddering of the upper areas for occupant rescues and firefighters’ access. Most importantly, these ladders serve…

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