Issue 5 and Volume 155.

The thermal imaging camera (TIC) is the latest tool in the arsenal of firefighting equipment. Its ability to detect heat signatures and transfer them into a viewable image makes it an invaluable tool. Firefighters are now entering farther and faster into the heaviest smoke as they search for victims and the seat of the fire. The TIC, however, can warn firefighters only of the dangers the cameraman can detect and recognize. It is of little use if the operator does not know how to use it. ATMOSPHERE WITH ZERO VISIBILITY When entering an atmosphere that has zero visibility, look for the following. Before entering a room, adjust the camera’s focus. (Some models use a gain adjustment or throttle control to adjust the iris, a mechanical aperture that controls the camera’s focus. The iris can be opened or closed manually to control the amount of infrared energy that enters the camera.)…

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