Firefighting, Leadership

Buddy Breathing

Issue 5 and Volume 155.

Maybe I’m making this more complicated than I should. Or maybe I’m really onto something that we as a fire service must look at. I don’t know. But I’m concerned about the direction of a very basic fireground skill I taught my first recruit class about 20 years ago-40 hours of SCBA and search techniques. We had low-pressure, positive pressure MSA systems back then. Each class was taught several methods of buddy breathing. In fact, to pass my section of the course, each student had to buddy breathe with me inside the burn building. I taught several methods of buddy breathing. They could place their corrugated breathing tube into my facepiece; we could alternate sticking our breathing tubes into the regulator quick-connect, or we could pass the facepiece of the “good” SCBA back and forth. At the very end of the live burn, I would have them put their breathing…

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