Issue 6 and Volume 155.

BY T.J. STECK How many times have you told your fellow firefighters, “Don’t ever go in that building if it’s on fire”? Why do we say that? Is there something in there we can see that no one else can? For years, we have trained ourselves and our fellow firefighters to watch the collapse zones and look for signs of backdraft, but do we really have a grasp on hazard identification? Photo 1. Photos by Author Click here to enlarge image I don’t need to tell you how backdraft and hostile situations can kill us (we can all figure that out); this is a hazardous profession and some of these situations are completely unavoidable. I just want to expand the playing field a little and show you the real everyday hazards that occur right under our noses. For example, look at photo 1 and identify any potential hazards at this…

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