Engine Company


Issue 6 and Volume 155.

BY BILL GUSTIN Part 1, “Locations, Loads, and ‘Lead Outs,’ “ was published in the April 2002 issue. Part 2, “Hose Loads,” was published in the May 2002 issue. Few things are more embarrassing and unprofessional than an engine company that stretches a preconnect, charges it, and then finds that it is too short to reach the fire. A long stretch beyond the reach of preconnects should never catch firefighters off guard. Disciplined, well-trained firefighters stretch hoselines in accordance with a size-up, not on impulse. An engine officer who is not absolutely certain of how to reach a fire and how much hose to stretch should order his company to stand by until he conducts a size-up. In certain situations, such as fires in a motel or an apartment complex, the officer may find a closer access point and order the pumper to relocate to another side of the building.…

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