Issue 6 and Volume 155.

BY ANTOINE TRIBBLE Every day in this country we as first responders-whether volunteer or paid-answer emergency calls to run into harm’s way without a second thought. Isn’t it time for us to be treated and thought of as professionals and to be paid our worth in education, training, and knowledge? Firefighters have been killed in the line of duty for many years, but firefighters and EMS personnel have never gotten much respect in terms of compensation from society or government. Before September 11, at least one firefighter was killed in the line of duty every three days. Isn’t it time for us to stop the tradition of risking our lives for no pay in our communities on a daily basis? Firefighters risk their lives while Congress prepares to send billions of dollars to other countries. Isn’t it time to stop accepting low hourly wages as career or paid firefighters and…

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