Issue 6 and Volume 155.

BY CHARLES BRUSH Probationary Firefighter New1 walks into the station, and hungry eyes stare. Fresh meat. Visions of pranks past, of finding the chow line, the water line, sky hooks, ventilation buckets, and the ever popular rendition of “remember when we started” (which grows more outlandish with every retelling). Yes, the scent of blood is in the water, and the sharks start circling. Some fight it, many leave, and others survive with the thought of lying in wait for the next unsuspecting New who walks through the door. New never had a chance because no one ever explained what was expected of him for both the short and long term. Well, this is a new day, and New has his own personal Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. If New follows the 10 Rights and Responsibilities cited below, and if the department adheres to them, only good things can follow. RIGHTS…

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