Fire Service Traditions and History, Firefighting

Cold Storage Warehouse Fire: Learning from Worcester

Issue 7 and Volume 155.

By Timothy J. Kearney On Friday, March 22, at 1154 hours, the Jersey City (NJ) Fire Department was dispatched for a fire reported at 580 Henderson Street. The building, a cold storage warehouse, was part of an industrial complex that had stood vacant for many years. The building was well known to the Jersey City Fire Department, as it was basically the sister building of that which claimed the lives of six firefighters in Worcester, Massachusetts, in December 1999. THE BUILDING The building was constructed in two phases. The original section of the building, which was mill construction, was eight stories in height. The second phase of the building (added at a later time), which was of fire-resistive construction, was seven stories in height. The piping was ripped out of the building, rendering any fire protection systems present useless. The only major difference between this building and other warehouse buildings…

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