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National Terrorism Preparedness Institute Presents “Live Response”

The topic of the July 24th program will be “Operational and Scene Security”. During a WMD event or other critical incident, first responders need to be familiar with the OPSEC process. Understanding threats and adversaries is vital to National Security. Proper use and understanding of OPSEC is a valuable way to enhance existing response plans and preparedness. Live Response expert guests welcome phone calls concerning implications of new technologies and invite viewers to network during the program in our interactive chat-room.

The program is designed exclusively for the civilian and military emergency response communities at all levels and across all disciplines. “Live Response” also helps local, state, and federal administrators stay informed of WMD resources and operational considerations that may impact their communities.

Confirmed guests are:

  • Peter C. Cusolito, LTC, IN Commander, 1st (WMD) CST
  • Leonard Deonarine, Deputy Fire Chief, Industrial Emergency Services
  • Tom Mauriello, Director, Interagency OPSEC Support Staff
  • Kerry L. Myers, Special Agent, Bomb Technology, Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI

    Web sites to be referenced: Operations Security Information, www.ioss.gov.

    “Live Response” experts welcome phone calls concerning vulnerability analysis in response, and invite viewers to network during the program on our interactive message board, see below.

    Toll free number for live calls: 888-870-3000

    Through Yahoo Groups we are providing a live chat room where you may ask our guest panelists questions directly online.


    Click on Join This Group in the upper right corner of your screen. If you are not already a member of Yahoo, you are required to go through a quick, free and anonymous registration process in order to participate in our group message board.

    The Live Response program is an hour-long show in which a panel of experts explores topics related to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) consequence management and engages in question and answer sessions with the program audience.

    “Live Response” is the product of an interagency program effort bringing together the Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Director of Military Support (DOMS), the Combating Terrorism Technology Support Office (CTTSO) – Technical Support Working Group (TSWG), and the National Terrorism Preparedness Institute, a division of the Southeastern Public Safety Institute at St. Petersburg College.