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389 Fire Departments Receive Fire Grants in Third Round

Washington, D.C. – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the United States Fire Administration, announced today, 389 fire departments will receive grants in the third round of awards under the Assistance to Firefighters Program.

These 389 fire departments across the United States will receive more than $28 million in grants in this, the third award announcement. It is anticipated that 5500 fire departments will receive awards before the end of the calendar year. More than 19,500 fire departments – volunteer and career – applied for grants this year, submitting requests totaling almost $2.2 billion.

“Our goal is to ensure every American community is protected by the most highly trained and best equipped firefighting force in the world,” said USFA Administrator R. David Paulison. “We are making a significant investment in the nation’s fire departments, an investment that builds upon strong local support that is critical from our local officials and the public.”

The grants will reach rural, urban and suburban fire departments. The grant applications are being processed by the U.S. Fire Administration, a part of FEMA.

A list of all current 741 recipients to date is posted on the USFA web site at Future grant recipients will be listed as awards are made.