Issue 9 and Volume 155.

BY THOMAS J. HARING Iarrived at Broadway and Park Row just as the North Tower had collapsed. Numerous people were fleeing the area south of Chambers Street. I established a command post at Broadway and Vesey streets. I asked the Manhattan Central Office to have incoming units report to that location. The sectors operating with me and Division 6 on the east side of the WTC site at this time (from the time I arrived on September 11 until 5:30 a.m. September 12) were the following: •Liberty Street (East)—Deputy Chiefs James Esposito, Division 15, and John Coloe, Division 1. They were involved in search and rescue operations. One of the significant operations of this sector was the approximate 20-hour operation to free a single trapped victim. •Church Street—Deputy Chief Thomas Fox, Division 6. This area contained 4 and 5 WTC, which were heavily involved in fire. •Barclay Street—Deputy Chief Dave…

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