Issue 9 and Volume 155.

The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) on September 11, 2001, resulting in the loss of 2,819 lives, was the most horrific and diabolical crime ever committed on U.S. soil. On that day, the Fire Department of New York took on the most difficult response in the history of the fire service. At no time in world history has a fire department ever been called on to respond to a single incident of such magnitude as the attack on the World Trade Center. In their efforts to save civilian lives at risk in the Trade Center, 343 firefighters and many other emergency personnel died. It was a 90-minute operation that ended in catastrophe. On that day, the unthinkable happened. Photo 1 Click here to enlarge image From the start, FDNY commanders focused operations on rescuing trapped occupants and assisting in the evacuation. Officers and firefighters alike were well…

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