Issue 9 and Volume 155.

BY TOM GIORDANO I offered my assistance at the World Trade Center through a representative of the Bergen County (NJ) Medical Examiner’s Office. Along with another funeral home employee, Keith Morgan, I arrived at the site. We put on coveralls and met one of the New York City medical examiners, who told us that we would be retrieving bodies. As we walked through one of the buildings to get to the outside, all we saw was destruction. For a minute, all I did was stand there and stare at the blown-out windows and walls in the mall. Darkness was all around. In a restaurant, the food and coffee that people had ordered were still on the tables, and there was a cold air. Death was all around. As we neared the exit, we saw firefighters walking around in a daze—tired and dirty. Outside, we saw still-burning buildings, fire trucks, police…

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