Anonymous Letter

Issue 9 and Volume 155.

An FDNY officer related the following. As we worked our way up, we did our best to calm the evacuees, asking them to stay to the right and at the same time letting them know they were out of harm’s way or would be shortly. Because thousands of civilians were on the same stairways as we were, our ascent was very slow—maybe three floors per minute in the early going. It soon became even slower. As we got higher into the building, we heard numerous “Urgents” and “Maydays” from firefighters with chest pains, in need of oxygen, or worse. I knew these firefighters were understandably trying to run up the stairs in full gear. I told my members to pace themselves. I didn’t want us to be useless when we arrived at our destination, still not knowing where that was. On the way up, we met an FBI agent, who…

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