Issue 10 and Volume 155.

Our detailed examination of the FDNY’s response to the World Trade Center attack on September 11 indicates that the Fire Department should focus its efforts to improve preparedness in the following key areas: operations, planning, and management, communications and technology, and family member support …. Increase Operational Preparedness We have seven recommendations for increasing operational preparedness, centered on establishing procedures and command and control structures that are flexible and can be quickly expanded in the event of major emergencies. Expand the use of the Incident Command System ….We recommend that the Department•Review all its procedures to ensure consistency with ICS principles. •Train all FDNY personnel likely to be involved in incident response in ICS principles, and continue this training on a regular basis. •Create dedicated, ongoing training programs for FDNY chiefs so that they are proficient in using ICS principles during large and complex incidents involving terrorism, chemical, biological and…

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