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Weldon, Congress Explore Locally Designed Emergency Response Technology

Washington, D.C. – In an effort to end the archaic state of communications at major disaster sights and improve the ability of first responders to secure our Homeland, Congressman Curt Weldon (R-PA) was joined by his colleagues and emergency personnel to explore a new communications system that seeks to improve emergency responder capabilities.

The Rajant Corporation, based in Wayne, PA, has recently introduced a portable communication network that addresses operability problems that are prevalent at large-scale incidents. The unit, known as the Mobile Emergency Broadband System (MEBS) is a portable system that can establish a wireless communications network for emergency responders.

“It is truly disgraceful that twenty-first century responders are forced to communicate with hand-written notes and messengers when a serious disaster strikes. Catastrophes like the Oklahoma City bombing and the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center proved that first responders still do not have the ability to effectively communicate with each other,” noted Weldon, a former volunteer fire chief and outspoken advocate for America’s firefighters.

The MEBS system allows for rapid deployment of secure, bandwidth applications. This capability would allow first responders to communicate should existing telecommunications networks become overtaxed or destroyed.

This summer, Congressman Weldon joined executives from another Delaware County business that is developing cutting-edge technology that will help protect our homeland. The International Engineering and Manufacturing Company from Glenolden unveiled a hand-held device that can determine the contents of sealed containers entering our ports or crossing our borders. This technology has the potential to prevent dangerous material from entering the country, possibly preventing an incident.