Letters to the Editor

Issue 11 and Volume 155.

PPV: just the facts It would be helpful if the entire picture of positive-pressure ventilation (PPV) would be represented with facts and not myths. Why would you assume that once fire has entered the attic you should put firefighters on a roof system that will have structural members fail within five minutes? The use of PPV in attic fires is a great advantage in that it keeps the fire in the attic, where no one is living, and prevents it from pushing down to the living space. Also, by making a vertical ventilation hole in today’s structures with the extreme level of Btus that are involved in any run-of-the-mill house, you will do little more than draw more fire into the attic while placing crews on a roof system that is factually shown to fail early in fire conditions, rather than have them operate in a clear environment from below…

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