Preplanning Building Hazards

Issue 11 and Volume 155.

BY FRANCIS L. BRANNIGAN,SFPE (FELLOW) Editor’s note: For further reference, consult Building Construction for the Fire Service, Third Edition (BCFS3). Page numbers, where applicable, are included after the caption. Click here to enlarge image This Roy Rogers building is being converted to a McDonald’s. Plywood will be nailed on a slope on these trusses. Working with ground ladders to open tough plywood can be dangerous. Use the safe platform of the tower ladder to open the wall. This gives the tower ladder stream access to the entire void. Click here to enlarge image These gas lines in a garden apartment basement are poorly attached to the structure. A fire caused the line supports to fail. Fortunately, the firefighters were on the escape side of the pipes, which dropped to the floor and ruptured, releasing gas to intensify the fire. (BCFS3, 222-223) Click here to enlarge image In earlier high-rise construction,…

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