Firefighting, Leadership

Tactical Fire Objectives for Commercial Occupancies

Issue 11 and Volume 155.

This month’s question comes from Assistant Chief Steve Kreis, operations deputy from the Phoenix (AZ) Fire Department. We try to achieve tactical objectives in the following order: rescue, fire control, and property conservation (some of us have added “customer stabilization” and “firefighter safety and welfare”). This works well on residential and small commercial structures. For most commercial fires, should we commit early resources to “rescue,” or should we rethink our tactics and strategy? For commercial structures, would we be better off controlling the fire first and performing rescue activities later? I love questions that can’t be answered by a simple “yes” or “no”! First and foremost, I believe this question can and will be answered differently by several people I consider great thinkers and strategically sound minds in the country. It gets to the roots of several current problems in the fire service today—staffing, risk assessment, lightweight construction, and incident…

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