Elevators 101: The Use of Elevators at High-Rise Fires

Issue 1 and Volume 156.

By Doug Leihbacher At 8:30 p.m., your engine is dispatched second-due to a reported fire on the 22nd floor of a residential high-rise building. As second-due engine, your initial assignment is to assist the first-due engine company in supplying the standpipe siamese from the hydrant in the street and then to proceed to the fire floor to back up the first-due engine and truck with a hand-line. You have responded to this building before, and it has never been anything more than food on the stove. On arrival, you look up and down the building and see a smoke haze from approximately floors 20 to 25. As you assist with the supply line to the siamese, the first-due engine and truck report that the fire is on the 22nd floor. The engine will stretch from the standpipe outlet on the 21st floor in the south stairwell while the truck will…

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