Issue 3 and Volume 156.

By Eric G. Bachman Preincident planning, risk assessment, preincident intelligence, and prefire survey are all terms used to characterize the information-gathering process for target hazards. Regardless of what the process is called, if you’re not inventorying, identifying, and analyzing your hazards, you’re going to be caught off guard and unprepared. Communities are rapidly growing, and technologies are constantly changing—and the fire service must grow and change with them. Preincident intelligence aids in reducing some of the unknowns. It is a vital tool that you must use before, during, and after operations. Preincident information and hazard analysis affect nearly every facet of the fire service. Why do you carry the equipment you do? Is it because everyone else has one, or is it based on identified hazards/situations found through preincident surveying? How were the engine company hose load(s) determined? Was it because that configuration was all that would fit or because…

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