Firefighting, Technical Rescue


Issue 3 and Volume 156.

BY LARRY COLLINS Only a select few firefighters have ever been inserted by helicopter (helo) onto the roof of a burning high-rise building. The pool of people who can speak from personal experience about conducting search, rescue, and firefighting operations by “working from the roof down” in high-rise emergencies after being deployed by helicopter is, thus, quite limited. Therefore, it’s difficult for most of us (including me) to speak with true authority about if, when, and under exactly what conditions helicopters may (or may not) prove effective during the full range of high-rise emergencies we are likely to encounter in the coming years. It is hoped that this article will start the debate in an open forum so that we can develop a consensus based on experience and facts. (1) Firefighters training for rappel insertions from helicopter operations training tower. Effective interaction and coordination between the HHRT and the helicopter…

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