Sea of Blue

Issue 3 and Volume 156.

BY BILL MANNING We miss you, fallen heroes,And time seems to move slower without you;Yet through the mists of griefWe feel you still, and that is our relief:For our hearts beat as one.Your hearts beat within us, within the sea of blue. Long through the day and into the night,We turn out, leaving behindOur fire stations and our homesFor a dangerous destination,A clash with the unknown; butWe are poised, battle-ready, our nerves honedWith steel, and we are not alone:Your hearts beat within us, within the sea of blue. Our sirens are the heralds of hope-From those in danger, never far away-And to the helpless, they say,“We have made a promise, a sacred trust,As our forefathers did and as we now mustFulfill, for we are firefighters true,And our hearts beat as one in a sea of blue.” As we push through the smoke,Advance our line through the door,As we throw ladders…

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