Issue 5 and Volume 156.

By Jamie C. Morelock Preparation for the next fire call should begin at the end of the present fire call. Much is written about procedures during an emergency, but little is said about the equally important period of time afterward. Company level demobilization is the breakdown of an apparatus and its personnel following their release from an incident. 1. Photos by author. Click here to enlarge image null APPARATUS CHECKS To be efficient at demobilization, company members must be thoroughly familiar with their apparatus. Apparatus checks should be done at the beginning of each shift or at a weekly drill. Although the chauffeur (driver) is normally responsible for this task, every company member should inspect the apparatus to become familiar with it—to identify new tools and their locations and see what equipment is missing or out of service (see photo 1). Standardizing apparatus, tool, and equipment locations is beneficial for…

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