Issue 6 and Volume 156.

BY PHIL SALLAWAY Fire professionals are familiar with the typical residential, commercial, and office building “fire/smoke” fixed detector and the portable gas detector, but the hazardous materials found at industrial facilities require far more complex fixed safety monitoring systems. Becoming familiar with these fixed detection systems helps fire professionals protect themselves in dangerous situations, save the lives of employees, and protect plant equipment. 1. Photos courtesy of General Monitors Click here to enlarge image Knowing that there is an industrial fixed safety monitoring system with distributed sensors for toxic, combustible, and flame detection at a facility warns the incident commander and firefighters of the presence of dangers of which they might be otherwise unaware. Certain gases and chemicals burn with colorless or near colorless flames, such as hydrogen gas and many alcohols. Not recognizing the monitoring systems’ alarms can be disastrous. Such systems are used in facilities such as oil/gas…

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