Issue 6 and Volume 156.

BY TIMOTHY P. HENNESSEY In December 2001, the Depart-ment of Defense, under direction of the President, ordered that all military personnel and emergency essential civilian personnel participate in the smallpox vaccination program. The result of this order had far-reaching effects on a part of the American fire service that is not widely publicized. A large number of U.S. military installations across the country and the world are staffed with civilian firefighters. While most are directly employed by the Department of Defense, some are civilian defense contractors. Although the order to be vaccinated was not mandatory for some of these firefighters, they were able to receive the vaccine if they so chose. The Eskan Village military base, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is staffed by civilian contractor firefighters. Eskan Village is a U.S. Army and Joint Task Force South West Asia installation. It is home to a variety of different branches of…

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