Issue 6 and Volume 156.

BY JAKE RIXNER On December 7, 2002, a three-alarm building fire in Richmond, Virginia, reinforced basic firefighting lessons for seasoned veterans and taught new firefighters lessons in courage and endurance. At 0422 hours, a male caller reported trashcans on fire at the rear of the building at 320 West Grace Street and fire extending into the basement. The alarm was transmitted at 0422.51 hours, sending Quint Companies 6, 5, 12, 1, 18; Rescue Company 2; and Battalion Fire Chief 1 into the cold dark streets. At 0424 hours, another fire alarm was transmitted for a building fire approximately 20 blocks north of the Grace Street fire. The fact that there were two fires and that one company was out of service because of a lack of personnel caused some unusual box assignments and some hazardous responses in that apparatus were approaching intersections from different directions. 1 Click here to enlarge…

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