The Quick-Attack Concept: New Technology Improves an Old Idea

Issue 10 and Volume 156.

By David W. Kerr In Apparatus Deliveries, you will find many examples of new and innovative apparatus designs. Combination rescue/pumpers, quints, raised and walk-through cabs with command centers, top-mounted and enclosed pump panels, hydraulic ladder racks, light towers, rooftop storage compartments, and extended front bumpers are all examples of new designs and technologies that have improved apparatus efficiency, flexibility, and safety. These features have also added to the overall length, width, and height of apparatus. Historically, the size of apparatus has been a concern of urban departments; however, the ever-growing dimensions of apparatus have become an issue that deserves the attention of suburban and rural departments as well. If you have been in the fire service since the 1970s, you probably recall the popularity of the quick-attack or mini-pumper. Depending on whom you ask, this concept was either the greatest or worst idea the fire service ever considered. These apparatus…

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