Apparatus & Equipment, Truck Company

Safe and Effective Aerial Ladder Operations

Issue 10 and Volume 156.

By Steve Bernocco and Joel Andrus All firefighters assigned to a ladder company must have a comprehensive understanding of aerial ladder operations and be educated and trained in all aspects—from positioning the apparatus at the fire building to knowing how many firefighters can safely be supported at the tip of the aerial ladder at any given angle. Rescue, ventilation, access to upper floors, and fire suppression can all be achieved from the aerial ladder. Firefighter safety should be the primary concern of all ladder company members whenever they are working from the aerial. Members must train frequently on aerial ladder operations and be vigilant in following all safety standards. Although this article focuses specifically on aerial ladder apparatus, many of the topics discussed also apply to ladder companies arriving at the fire scene on an elevated platform. AERIAL LADDER APPARATUS POSITIONING Tactical objectives and firefighter safety should be paramount in…

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