Issue 10 and Volume 156.

BY RICHARD E. ANDERSEN Many fire departments use positive pressure ventilation (PPV) on the fireground. There are a variety of devices available to maximize mechanical ventilation capabilities. Manufacturers currently offer an assortment of fans with gasoline or electric power and airflow capacities of up to 30,000 cubic feet of air per minute (cfm). Other options include pneumatic wheels and folding handles for easy mobility, tilt mechanisms for proper air cone placement, and exhaust extensions for gasoline models to move engine exhaust gases away from the fan intake, thereby introducing cleaner replacement air into a structure. The typical procedure for PPV is to move the fan to the fire attack entry point, (usually the front door), start the fan, and adjust the angle to pressurize the interior. When PPV is used after the fire is under control, time is less of a concern. However, prompt ventilation more effectively addresses property conservation…

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