Engine Company, Firefighting


Issue 2 and Volume 157.

BY JERRY KNAPP, TIM PILLSWORTH, and CHRISTOPHER FLATLEY Conducting an effective and efficient aggressive interior fire attack is the engine company’s most critical mission. Extinguishing the fire quickly minimizes all other problems and increases firefighter and civilian safety on the fireground. If the fire is not getting smaller, it is getting bigger (more dangerous). The nozzleman is the tip of the spear in this attack and can use a variety of nozzles, nozzle patterns, and nozzle movement techniques to accomplish the job. Further complicating this critical operation is that a variety of inaccurate and unsubstantiated myths have evolved involving interior fire attack. These myths are passed down by well-meaning people as facts. In phase 3 of our nozzle testing program conducted at the Rock-land County Fire Training Center in Pomona, New York, we examined critical factors relative to the effect of moving a fire stream in the fire environment during…

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