Motivating Company Officers

Issue 2 and Volume 157.

By Scott Holliday Motivation stimulates a person to act in a particular way. It is the incentive that causes positive performance. As a fire officer, you must have the ability to motivate your personnel to do everything from cleaning the fire station and apparatus to risking their lives in a burning structure. How would you motivate the members of your command if you had the authority to use various strategies? Motivation is what drives an individual to satisfy his personal needs. The factors that motivate the individual firefighter can be either intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivators include the need for an interesting or challenging job, a sense of belonging to a team, and the prestige of being a firefighter. Many people are drawn into the volunteer and career fire service based on these intrinsic factors. The fire and emergency service is an interesting and exciting field. Being the one that…

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