Conversions to Multi-Family Dwellings

Issue 6 and Volume 157.

By Michael J. Lopina They have been around for years but are not always easily recognizable: multi-family dwellings converted from single-family dwel-lings. These conversions can be found in almost any urban or suburban area from upper-middle-class to poorer sections of town. Typically, they are located in college neighborhoods and in former upscale neighborhoods that have changed over the years. The building at a quick glance may appear to be a large single-family house, but it may in fact be subdivided into as many as eight to 10 apartments ranging from three bedrooms or more to a studio or single-room occupancy (SRO). (1) This building has five mailboxes to four gas hookups. Until a few months ago, this house also had only four electrical hookups. It now has six working meters. (Photos by author.) Click here to enlarge image null IDENTIFYING THE STRUCTURE One of the quickest ways to identify this…

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