Issue 7 and Volume 157.

BY RON SHAW Changes in new vehicle construction, alternative-fueled propulsion, and occupant-safety systems are only some of the topics that should be addressed in today’s protocols for responding to motor vehicle crashes. The introduction of hidden roof-mounted (IC) air bags and pressurized gas inflators in the areas we routinely use as cutting zones for displacing and removing the roof are other innovations that also should be covered in standard operating procedures (SOPs) or standard operating guidelines (SOGs). When updating your extrication policies, keep in mind the following: Extrication policies. They should allow some flexibility that will enable the on-scene incident commander or extrication sector leader to adapt the procedures according to the circumstances at hand. Vehicle rescue policies. They should be as generic as possible so that they can be applied to incidents involving conventional and innovative vehicles, including the hybrids and fuel cells of the future. Standards topics should…

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