Issue 7 and Volume 157.

By Tom Brennan It was a sunny but cold winter day. One of the many alarms for the Fire Department of New York fire brought a full assignment through the snow-banked streets of Brooklyn to a Queen Anne (balloon-frame construction, Victorian) private dwelling in which a fire was roaring to extension from the basement origin at the rear of the structure. Interior search teams from the first-arriving truck were unable to find the noisy and smoky but hidden fire as handlines moved into the basement and the first floor. The second truck arrived; its search team took over aggressive interior search of the second floor and attic area as well as other assignments traditionally and specifically belonging to that unit’s assignment. Fire, now in the walls, broke out in three unrelated locations: in the stair enclosure wall, the first floor rear, and the attic enclosure. Firefighters, momentarily surprised, gathered their…

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