The Hazards of Aerosol Foggers

Issue 7 and Volume 157.

By Michael N. Ciampo Responding to what appear to be minor and routine incidents proved once again that the ordinary can quickly turn into the extraordinary. Although unusual incidents may be few and far between, they do prove that if it happened once it’s sure to occur again. At these incidents, we have to keep our minds focused and let our training and operating policies guide us into action. Learning from these incidents and events will be a sure thing because they are not part of our “routine” responses. INCIDENT ONE Responding mid-morning for an odor of smoke coming from an apartment on the fourth floor of a multiple dwelling is a somewhat routine call for the Fire Department of New York. During the response, multiple thoughts run through your mind, everything from “food on the stove” to a working structure fire. On arrival nothing was showing, and the building…

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