Issue 8 and Volume 157.

BY GERALD A. TRACY Leadership is A prevalent topic of discussion in military, corporate, and fire service circles today. We don’t often consider those leaders who at every rank and position sustain the spirit, purpose, and responsibilities that foster the mission. If our firefighters from the lower ranks did not assume leadership from the lower ranks, the fire chiefs’ and administrators’ accomplishments, direction, and determination would not be recognized at all! Leadership is not a character trait with which we are born; rather, it is an aspect of character—a spirit, an energy, a passion, a resolve, and a devotion to duty—that is developed and handed down through tradition for generations. According to the dictionary, leadership is the position or function of a leader, the ability to lead, an act or instance of leading; guidance; direction. As a noun, leadership is obviously all of those things, but I believe leadership is…

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